Elect This Slate

Diana Ascher

Information Scientist

I am an information scientist specializing in data ethics and responsible artificial intelligence. I have 30+ years of experience managing large teams to solve wicked problems by communicating openly, soliciting feedback, and ensuring strategic continuity. As a former Board member and an 18-year resident of this community, I am committed to protecting our investments and ensuring that our community is a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Holly Bogner

Technical Sales, Operations & Management

I have a combined 35+ yrs of experience in Technical Sales and Management/Operations at Cedars Sinai. I was responsible for the development and maintenance of large budgets, purchase of capital equipment, and direct oversight of operations for various sections of a busy imaging department. I wish to serve our building and ensure the HOA works equally for all of us.

Dennis (DENI) Carno

Construction and Property Management

I have been in property management and construction my entire adult life, including solving tenants’problems, one-on-one. I‘m a certified Medical Anthropologist (Columbia University, NYC). I extended my medical studies at the University of Bologna, Italy. Upon return to the US, I graduated from Law School. I fully understand relevant legal and health matters. I’ve also authored books and articles, and attempt to play the guitar.

Jonathan Ghiam


I’m a board-certified family medicine physician & serve currently as a vice chair of the Dept. of Family Medicine at CHMC. I’ve served on various executive medical boards at the hospital. With my experience, I believe I can bring to this board much needed professional expertise in running day-to-day operations. We all live in this building and every voice matters. I believe in absolute transparency and I pay close attention to details.

Katie Rodd

Commercial Real Estate Finance

I have 20+ years of experience in commercial real estate finance, specifically valuing large commercial properties (apartment buildings, office towers, shopping centers, etc.) and analyzing their operations to determine their profitability going forward. I deal, daily, with operating and capital budgets for properties. I have an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a dual major BA from Johns Hopkins in International Relations and French Literature.

Jonathan Y.

CEO - Education Tech Company

Hello neighbors, I’m the CEO of an ed-tech company and am running for the board to enhance our building’s value and quality. My goals include optimizing legal, financial, and management aspects, ensuring fairness and equality, and addressing challenges with diligence. I’m familiar with our staff, CC&R, and by- laws, and would appreciate your support for this position.

Jacob Zadeh

Attorney - Civil & Real Estate

As an attorney who specializes in civil litigation and real property disputes, I am well equipped to serve on the board. I have a deep understanding of the legal issues that impact our community, and I am committed to ensuring that the HOA operates in a transparent, fair, and efficient manner.